Courtois: I’m only happy when I win, otherwise I’m miserable

“I’m only happy if I win. Otherwise, I’d be happy if we didn’t play.”
That was the message from the coach of the French team, Thomas Tuchel, when asked about his players’ mood after the defeat to Atletico.
The defeat was a real shock, as the team had been in a good shape for several rounds. The defeat was particularly painful for the team, as it had been able to demonstrate a good game in the first half of the tournament.
However, the players managed to recover in the second half, and the result was a draw.
‘We’ve lost points, but we’re still in the top four’
”We”, Tuchel said, “lost points, and we” – he was interrupted by the sound of a voice from the press room – “are still in top four.“
’We‘ have been in top 4 for a long time. We’ll see whether the team can win the title again.
In the first part of the season, the team managed to win the Championnat National, which was the first step towards the French Cup.
This year, the first round of the Champions League was particularly successful for the club, as they managed to get into the playoffs.

„We“, Tuche said, “are in the Champions league for the first time in a long while, and it’s a good opportunity to show our game.‘
The team has a good chance to win, but it”ll be very difficult to win a place in the next stage of the competition, as Atletico is a very strong team.
The club has already managed to qualify for the next round, but the last time it was in the playoffs was in 2015.
It’ s important for the players to show their best game, as this will be reflected in the team’scores.
Atletico has a very good squad, and they have a lot of stars. The team has the following players in the starting lineup:
* Diego Costa;
* Antoine Griezmann;

* James Rodriguez;

* Sergio Aguero;

* Alvaro Morata;
* David Silva.
These players are the main stars of the team. The coach also has the likes of:
• Diego Godin;

• Guido Huntelaar;
“We” have a good lineup, and if we play well, we can get into top 4.
We‹ll see how the season will develop, but Tuchel’sechievements and results are not in doubt.
They”re the best team in the world, and this is why they”ve been able not only to win La Liga, but also the Champions tournament. The club has a great future, and Tuchel is ready to help it achieve it.
Live football scores
The coach has already said that he”s not interested in the transfer market, and he’sto do his job.
He”d like to keep the team together, and for this, he“s going to use all his powers.
Tuchel is not going to make any transfers, and his main task is to win titles.
If he succeeds, he can become the most famous coach in the history of the sport.
You can follow the livescore football scores on the website of sports statistics, where you can always find the latest information.
Main results of the championship
The first round was very successful for Tuchel. The French coach managed to play with a good selection of players, and in the end, he managed to achieve a draw in the match against Barcelona.
After the draw, the club managed to enter the playoffs, and now it“ll be interesting to see whether Tuchel can achieve the desired result.
There are a lot more matches ahead, and you can follow them on the sports statistics website.
All livescore results
The season is still young, and many matches have not been played yet.
Thus, the results of these matches are not yet available.
But the website sports statistics is always open, and here you can find the results and livescore of the matches.
During the first rounds, the performance of the club was very good.
Many people are looking forward to the next season, when the club will try to win gold medals once again. The results of this season are not the only thing that can influence the future of the coach.
One of the main tasks of Tuchel will be to strengthen the squad. The main goal is to get to the Champions Cup. The chances of this are good, as there are a good number of players who can be bought.
Also, the coach has a lot to do, and there”m not many months left before the start of the new season.
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