Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t mad at Messi: it was referees that made him angry

Cristian Ronaldo scored a hat-trick in the Champions League final, but the Portuguese was not happy with the way his team won.
In the decisive match, the Portuguese showed a rather aggressive game, which led to some confrontations with the officials.
The Portuguese scored the first goal, but it was not enough to get the victory.

The second one was also not convincing, as the ball was not correctly redirected, and the officials did not allow the player to finish it.
However, the game ended in a draw, which means that the Portuguese will become the new champion.
It is worth noting that the game was held in the stadium of the Royal Club, which is located in the outskirts of Madrid.
This is the second time that the club has won the Champions league, and it is also the first time that it has done it in the current season.
Crazy Ronaldo’s behavior in the final
In this final, the fans were treated to a rather unusual game.
After the first match, it was already known that the fans would see a lot of confrontations, as well as a lot more goals.
That is why the Portuguese scored a number of goals, which were not so impressive.
During the game, Ronaldo was not very active, but he was able to score a few goals. However, the club won the match, and Ronaldo was very upset with the referees.
“I was very angry with the referee, who did not show the full picture of the ball and allowed the goal to be scored,” he said.
He also noted that the officials had not shown the full power of their hands, as they did not let the ball cross the line.
Ronaldo also noted the fact that the players were not allowed to celebrate their goals. This is why he was so upset with them.
“I was not allowed the celebration, which I would have liked to do, and I was not able to show the team spirit,“ he said, as quoted by the sports website.
At the end of the game it was clear that the team had the upper hand, as it was able not only to score, but also to get a draw.
Despite the fact, Ronaldo still didn’t feel satisfied with the result, as he was not satisfied with his performance.
Moreover, the player also noted other problems with the club. For example, the fact they didn”t pay the players the minimum wage.
Also, the team didn“t pay its players the right amount of money.
Another problem was that the coach didn‘t show his players the best way to play.
As a result, the players didn‟t show their best game, and this led to the defeat.
Fans can see the video of the final match, where Cristiano Ronaldo scored the hat-tricks.
They can also watch the replay of the match to see the outcome of the confrontation.
Ronaldo’s hat-ting
The final of the Championsleague was held on May 1, and at the end, Cristiano scored a total of five goals. The Portuguese was the main star of the event, as many fans expected him to score the most.
But he didn„t score the hat trick, as his teammates did.
One of the goals was scored by the Portuguese“s partner, Marcelo.
Marcelo scored the goal, which was a bit unexpected, as Ronaldo was the leader of the team.
There was a lot expected from him, but in the end he didn’t score the goal that he wanted.
Instead, he scored a goal, and he was very pleased with the score.
According to him, it is a good result, and now the team can focus on the next matches.
“I am very happy with my performance,„ he said in a press conference.
He also noted a few problems with his team, such as the fact the coach did not pay the minimum wages, and they didn’t pay the right money. He also said that the money was not paid to the players, which he considered a failure.
The Portuguese also noted problems with their performance, as there were not enough goals scored.
In addition, the coach had problems with some of the players. For instance, the goalkeeper Pepe was injured, which caused problems with other players.
This is another reason why the team lost the match.
Fans can watch the video to see what happened in the match of the club, and also to see how the team will play in the next match.
Ronaldo and the team’s problems
In addition to the problems with Ronaldo, the other problems of the Portuguese team are the following:
1. The coach did the minimum amount of wages.
2. The team didn’t show the best game. For example:

* Marcelo didn‚t show the right way to pass the ball.
* Pepe was not in the best shape.
3. They didn‡t pay their players the correct amount of wage. This is the main problem, as some of them didn‰t show a good game. They didn’t have the right attitude.

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