Female coaches are held to different standards than men

This is because women are expected to be more responsible, more focused and less emotional. This, in turn, can affect their performance.
There are a lot of factors that can affect the results of a female coach. The most important are:
1. Lack of motivation.
2. Lack or lack of experience.
3. Lack and/or failure of a good personal relationship with the players.
4. Failure to correctly evaluate the situation on the field.
5. Lack, or even a lack of awareness of the players’ emotions.
6. Unsuccessful selection of players for the team.
7. Unsuitable selection of the team’s coach.
8. Unstable team. This can lead to the loss of points.
9. Lackadaisical and unsuccessful coaching decisions.
10. Lack in the effectiveness of the game.
11. Lack on the motivation of the coach. This leads to the fact that he does not give his best.
12. Lack to properly evaluate the game of his players. This affects the results.
13. Lack knowledge of the tactics of the opponent.
14. Lackful training.
15. Unnecessary and unsuccessful transfers.
16. Unfamiliarity with the team and its players. It can lead the coach to make mistakes.
17. Lack attention to detail.
18. Lack understanding of the situation of the opponents.
19. Lack information about the game and its tactics.
20. Lack motivation. This applies to the coach too.
This list can go on and on. However, it is important to note that the main reason for the failure of female coaches is the lack of motivation and the lackadaisiness of the work.
The best female coaches are:
1) Giniyana Dudka. She is a Ukrainian coach who has won many national championships. She has a good understanding with the athletes and their moods. She also has a positive attitude towards the team, which can be seen in the results she has achieved.

2) Lidia Sabau. She was the head coach of the national team of Lithuania for several years. She managed to get the team to the European Championship in 2002 and then to the Euro Cup. She won the latter tournament too. She had a positive effect on the team results. She left the team in 2004.
3) Olga Govortsova. She became the head of the Russian national team in 2008. She got the team into the Eurocup and the World Championship. She did not leave the team for a long time, but she was the coach of it for a few years.
4) Glynis Smith. She took over the head coaching position of the English national team. She gave the team the Euro 2008 qualification. She led the team successfully for several seasons.
5) Yevgeniya Yarmolenko. She started her career as a player. She quickly became a coach and managed to win the gold medals in the World Championships. She then became the coach for the national women’ football team of Ukraine. She brought the team success.
6) Elisabeth Mering. She worked as a coach of Germany. She began as a trainee, but managed to become the head women”s coach of Bayern. She helped the team win the Champions League.
7) Tatiana Yarmolayeva. She coached the Ukrainian national team for several championships. The team won gold medals at the European Championships and the Olympics. She later became the leader of the Ukrainian team.
8) Ekaterina Semenova. She gained experience as a trainer. She joined the national football team as a young coach. She made a number of successful results. In addition, she was also a player of the club.
9) Anastasiya Smirnova. She played for the Ukrainian women“s national team and was a player for the club for many years. She became a trainer for the women‘s national football teams of Russia and Belarus. She developed a positive work environment and was able to motivate her players. She is now the coach and a member of the board of the football club. Her team won the Euro cup in 2016.
10) Anzhelika Ruzich. She came to the Ukrainian football team from the Belarusian national team as an assistant coach. After a few seasons, she became the team leader. She succeeded in getting the team a place in the Champions league. She resigned from the position of a coach in 2018.
11) Yuliya Klimova. A Ukrainian player, she played for several clubs. She received a lot from her playing career. She decided to become a coach. Her team was not successful, but Klimovka managed to improve its results. Now, the team is in the European League. Klimovo is also a good coach. However she is not the best female coach, but the best of the best. In the list of the most successful female coaches of the modern era, she is in first place.
12) Yekaterina Chistyakov. She entered the Ukrainian female football team in the first place in a list of female football coaches.

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