I have no regrets about switching from Barcelona to Real Madrid in 2009

The team was already in crisis, but the new coach, Zinedine Zidane, was able to quickly turn things around. He managed to get the team playing with a new style, which helped it to win the Champions League.
At the end of the season, the team was able not only to win a place in the Champions league zone, but also to get into the Europa League zone.
Now, it is the best time to learn about the results of the team and its achievements. The website of sports statistics is always ready to provide you with the latest information.

The team’s results in the domestic arena
The season of the Spanish championship was quite successful for Real Madrid. The club won the national championship for the second time in a row. In the previous season, it was defeated in the final by Barcelona.
The new season of Real Madrid started well too. The players managed to show good results in all competitions. The first games of the new season were won by the team of Zidanes, who managed to win all the matches they played.
In the domestic championship, the club managed to finish in the first place in almost all seasons. This time, it managed to do it twice. The last time was in the season of 2009/10.
Zinedine’z team managed to beat Barcelona in the decisive match of the final series, which was held in the Camp Nou. This was the first time in the history of the club that it won the title.
This is a great result for the team. It is now ready to fight for the champion title in the next season.
Team’ s results in European competitions
The club won its first trophy in the international arena. The season of European cups was very successful for the club. It won the Champions Cup for the third time in row.
Real Madrid managed to defend the title for the fourth time in five years. The previous season was won by Barcelona, and the team managed not to win it for the fifth time in seven years.
Of course, this does not mean that the club does not have chances to win more trophies. The main thing is that the team is able to play in the European cups. The current season was very important for the Madrid club.
It managed to qualify for the Champions club tournament for the first and second time. The final series was won not by Barcelona but by Real Madrid, who defeated the Meringues in the last match of their group.
However, the Mers won the group, which is why they were able to win in the tournament.
After the victory in the group stage, the fans of the Madrid team were expecting a great performance in the playoffs. However, the players did not show the best results.
They lost the first match of group D, where they played against Liverpool. The following day, Real Madrid lost to Manchester United.
Despite the fact that the players were able not to lose, the results were not so good. The Meringue managed to take the lead in the match against Real Madrid and won it.
That is why the team lost the next match, which it won. This is the third defeat in a match against the Meredes.
All this led to the fact the team did not win the tournament for a third time.
Results of the current season of La Liga
The current season is not the best for Real. The Madrid club did not manage to win any trophy, which led to a poor performance in all the tournaments it participated in.
For the first three rounds, the Madrid players did well, but then they started losing points. The results were worse than the previous year, when the team won the tournament three times.
So far, the current campaign has been quite successful. The fans of Real are happy with the results, and they are confident that the new year will bring even better results. The new coach of the Mertesacker’ team, Zidani, has already managed to improve the results. He is able not just to win, but to do this in the most difficult competitions.
You can always follow the results and the results’ distribution of the players of Real and other teams of La liga on the website of the sports statistics. Here, you will find the information about the matches of the teams and the players’ achievements.
La liga table results of other teams
The previous season of Spanish football was quite unsuccessful for the Merer. The failure of the coach Zidana was not the only reason for the failure of his team. The other factors were the following:
1. The fact that there were not enough transfers. The transfer policy of the previous coach was quite good, but it was not enough to improve results. Now, the situation is different.
2. The bad form of the main players of the squad. For example, it should be noted the following players:
2 Sergio Ramos;
3 Cristiano Ronaldo;
4 Pepe.
These players were not able to show the maximum in the matches.
3. The poor selection of the starting lineup.
4. The lack of motivation of the leaders.
5. The instability of the results in matches.

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