Ibrahimovic and Buffon played on with injuries due to stubbornness, not professionalism.

Ibrahimovic and Buffon played on with injuries due to stubbornness, not professionalism. The latter was the first to leave the field, and he was replaced by the former.

The team was led by the charismatic coach, who was able to quickly get the team playing at the highest level. The team won the Champions League, the Europa League, and the League Cup.
The main rivals of Juventus were:
* Inter;
* Napoli;
* Milan;
* Milan.
In the last season, the team won a lot of trophies.
However, the most important success of the team was the victory in the Champions league.
It was the sixth time that Juventus won the most prestigious club tournament.
This victory was a real success, because the previous seasons the team had to play in the Europa league, and it was not easy to win the most coveted club tournament of the Old Continent.
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Football Livescores
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Of course, the main favorites of the tournament are the teams of the Serie A. Juventus, Inter, Napoli, and many other teams are considered as the main contenders for the title of the strongest team in the world.
As for the main rivals, the teams from the Old World are not so strong, but they are not the main competitors of the Bianco Neri.
They are:
ยท * Barcelona;
ยท * Real Madrid;
ยท Milan; and
ยท Manchester United.
Barcelona is the main rival of Juventus, and Real is the second.
Juventus has a long winning streak in the tournament, which is a real proof of their great football players.
One of the main achievements of the club is the victory of the Champions cup, which was won in the previous season.
If the team has a good game, it can easily win the tournament. In the last few years, the club has won the Europa, the Champions, and League cups.
Moreover, the players of the Turin giants are able to play at a high level, and they are able not only to score goals, but also to distribute them.
That is why the team is considered as one of the most dangerous teams in the history of the game.
Live Results of the Football Matches
The sports statistics site offers you the opportunity to follow the live results of the matches, which are held at the chosen stadium.
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Such a platform is especially useful for fans of the Italian Serie A, because it is possible to follow live football scores of the championship at any time of the day.
Main Favorites of the Season
The season of the national championship of Italy has already ended, and we can already say that the main favorite of the fight for the champion title is Juventus.
Despite the fact that the team of the great Zinedine Zidane has not yet managed to win a trophy, it is clear that the players are ready to fight for gold medals.
Zidane himself has said that the club can win the Champions club cup, but it is necessary to fight until the last round.
Another reason for the success of Juventus is the fact they have a good lineup.
For example, the following players have already won the Italian championship:
1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic;
2. Cristiano Ronaldo;
3. Gianluigi Buffon;
4. Danilo;
5. Fabio Cannavaro.
These players are able, thanks to their good teamwork, to score many goals.
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Latest Results of Football Matings
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Advantages of the Site
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