Javier Tebas: 4 foreign players must be on the field in every La Liga game

The first round of the Spanish La Liga was held and it was a good one for the teams. Barcelona and Real Madrid were the main contenders for the title and the first matches showed that they are ready to fight for it.

The start of the season was very successful for the Catalans. The team managed to win the first three matches, which was a real surprise for the fans. The first victory was achieved by the team of Messi, who scored a hat-trick. This was followed by a victory in the next match, which the team won thanks to a goal scored by the Argentine.
It was clear that the Catalan team was ready to challenge for the champion title. The next matches will be decisive for the fate of the title.
The team of Zidane, on the other hand, has a number of problems. The main one is the lack of motivation. The players are not playing well, which is clearly visible in the results of the matches. This is not the first time that the team has problems in the La Liga, so it is not surprising that the players are tired.
However, the team is still in the fight for the championship. The following factors will help it to achieve this:
1. The experience of the leaders. Messi, Ronaldo, Bale, and others have already won the champion’s title. This experience will be very useful for the team.
2. The motivation of the players. This season, the players have already managed to achieve a lot of results, which will help them to achieve the desired result.
3. The teamwork. The leaders are playing together, which has already helped them to win several matches.
4. The work of the coach. He has managed to create a good atmosphere in the team and this is helping the players to achieve good results.
In the remaining rounds, the Catalonians will have to prove their strength and show that they can fight for a place in the top 4.
La Liga table
The beginning of the championship was very good for the leaders of Barcelona. The Catalans are in the lead of the standings and are almost certain to win it. The only thing that will stop them is the fact that the other teams are stronger than them.
Of course, Real Madrid is a real rival of the Catalons, but it is clear that Barcelona will not give up. The Champions League is very important for the club, so the team will do its best to win this tournament.
Among the main rivals of the team, there is a clear favorite. The last season, Real was defeated in the final by Manchester United. This time, the Mancunians have a good lineup and are ready for a fight.
You can always follow the results on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will find the information about all the matches of La Liga.
Messi’s Barcelona
The season of the Champions League has already ended, and the leaders are already in the best shape. Messi is one of the main reasons for this. The Argentine has already scored a lot, which allowed him to get into the list of the top 10 most valuable players of the current season.
This year, the Argentine has been very active in the Champions league. He scored a total of 10 goals, which shows that he is one step ahead of the rest of the teams in terms of effectiveness.
Messi has already managed not only to score but also to make important assists. This has allowed him not to miss a single goal in the tournament. The number of assists is not limited to this, because Messi has also managed to score a hat trick in the first match of the tournament, which pleased the fans and gave him a special place in their hearts.
Real Madrid is not in the same class. The Meringues have a number 1 lineup, which does not allow them to play in the attacking line. This will be a real problem for the Meringue, as they will have a hard time to win any match.
Despite this, the leaders have already shown that they have the potential to win La Liga again.
Barcelona’sthe main rivals
In La Liga table, Real is the main rival of Barcelona, but the Catalonian team has a good chance to win. The previous season, it was clear to everyone that Real would not be able to compete with the leaders in the long tournament distance.
But the team managed not to lose points in the beginning of La liga. It was clear from the very beginning that the Mersies were not able to play at their maximum. This problem was solved only in the last rounds.
Barcelona has a tough task ahead of it. It is clear to the team that Real is not a real contender for the Champions Cup. The other teams have a better lineup and will be able not only not to leave any points on the table, but also win the tournament in a row.
The main rival is the Mambetes. The club has a strong lineup, but this season it has not been able to show its full potential.
Results of the first round
In Barcelona”s first match, the main problem was the lack motivation. Messi and the team did not show the best results, but they still managed to get a good result.

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