Manchester United will allow De Gea to leave if it’s in the club’s best interest

Manchester United will allow De Gea to leave if it’s in the club’s best interest, according to the Spanish media. The goalkeeper has been in excellent form for the Red Devils for several years now, and it is obvious that the club is not going to miss him.
The club is in the middle of a busy transfer campaign, so it is very important for the club to make the right decision.
Will De Geay leave the club?
The goalkeeper has become one of the main stars of the team, and the club has managed to get him for a relatively modest fee. The player himself has said that he wants to leave the team if it is not in his best interest.
In the summer, the Red devils have already managed to sign a number of players who will help the club in the long run. Among the most notable of them are:
* Lukaku;
* Martial;
• Rashford.
It is obvious now that the team needs to strengthen the position of the goalkeeper. It is also worth noting that the player himself said that the goalkeeper position is the most important for him. This is why the club needs to make a serious transfer campaign to strengthen De Geaic position.
What are the main transfer targets for the team?
In order to strengthen their position, the club will have to make some transfers. The main transfer target of the club for the near future is De Geain. The club has already managed a number transfer campaigns, and now it is time to make serious transfers to strengthen its position. The team needs a goalkeeper who can help them in the future, as well as a number increase.
However, it is also important for De Geai to find a new club. It has become much easier to find information about the club on the Internet, as compared to a long time ago. This allows the fans to follow the club’s transfers and other events.
Main Transfer Targets for the Club
The main transfer goal for the goalkeeper is to get a new contract. The current contract is quite long, and many clubs have already started to look for a new goalkeeper. The players who want to leave their clubs can do so, but they have to pay a high price.
If the club wants to strengthen it’ position, then it will have a number increases. The most obvious of them is the signing of Martial. The Frenchman is a player who can really help the team. He is a good finisher, and he has already scored a number in the Premier League.
Another transfer target for the coach is De Gee. He has become a main star of the Red Devil’ squad, and if the club can get him in the next season, it will be able to strengthen his position. It will also be able not to miss the player, as he is a great goalkeeper.
Who is the main target for Manchester United?
If you look at the club, it can be said that it is the goalkeeper who is the priority for the management. The position of goalkeeper is the key to the success of the entire team, as it is necessary for the players to be able defend the ball and be able pass it to the forward.
Manchester United has a number transfers that it needs to do in order to be in a better shape. The first of them was the signing by Jose Mourinho of Lukaku. The Portuguese is a very good finishers, and his signing will allow the club not to lose points.
Other transfers include:
• Martial; and
• Mata.
These transfers will help strengthen the team’ positions, and this will allow it to be at the top of the standings.
Where can fans follow the events of the transfer campaign?
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