The 4 most important players for Manchester United vs Valencia CF

Manchester United are one of the main contenders for the title. The Red Devils are a team that has a good game, but the rivals are able to change the game at any moment.
The main rivals of the Red Devils include:
* Valencia;
* Liverpool;
• Tottenham;
All of them have a good lineup and a good team spirit. The main problem for the Red devils is the lack of motivation. The team does not play the best football and this is reflected in the results.
In the last season, the team was able to win the Champions League, but this was only the beginning. The season was not successful for the team and the fans of the club were disappointed with the results of the team.
This year, the Red-and-Whites have a new coach, who is trying to change things for the better. The new coach is Josep Guardiola, who has already managed to bring success to the club.

The team is also in good shape, and this has allowed the club to make a number of transfers. Among the transfers, we can highlight:
1. Matic. The transfer of Matic has been successful, as the player has become one of Manchester United’s main players. The player has already become a key player of the starting lineup and is able to play a number 1 role.
2. Anthony Martial. The Frenchman became a key member of the Manchester United lineup and has become a leader of the attack. The striker has already scored a number 10 goal and is also able to score a number 4 goal.
3. Lingard. The goalkeeper has become an important player of Manchester City, and the transfer of the player will allow the team to strengthen the defense.
4. Pogba. The French player has joined the team from Juventus and is already able to make an impact on the field.
All these transfers have helped the team in the fight for the champion title.
Manchester City vs Liverpool FC
The previous season, Manchester City won the Premier League. This year, Liverpool FC is the main contender for the Champions league. The last time the teams met was in the previous season when the Reds won the tournament.
Both teams have a strong lineup, but Liverpool FC has a lot of advantages over its rivals. The following are the reasons why the club has a chance of winning the Champions club tournament:
· The team has a new head coach, Jurgen Klopp. The coach has already brought success to Liverpool FC.
· Liverpool FC also has a strong team spirit, which has allowed them to win in the last two seasons.
However, the Reds have a number one player in Jurgensen, who was able not to show his best game.
It is also worth noting that the team has the best goalkeeper in the world in Jordon Ibe.
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Main Intrigues of the Season
The season is in full swing, and it is already clear that the main intrigue of the season is the fight to the champion trophy. The Reds have the strongest lineup, which is able not only to win, but to win convincingly.
At the same time, the main rivals are:
• Manchester City;
· Manchester United;
These are the main teams that can seriously affect the outcome of the fight.
Liverpool FC has the strongest squad, and if the team is not able to show its best game, the fight will be over. The club is able this year to show the best game of the last 5 seasons. The only thing that can change the situation is if the club wins the champion cup.
If the team wins the trophy, it will be able to be a contender for a place in the Champions tournament for the next season.
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Who Will Win the Title?
The fight for gold medals is already heating up. The teams have already played each other once, and we can say that the fight is already over. However, the teams have different strengths and weaknesses.
As for the strengths of the teams, we should note the following:
● Liverpool FC’ strong lineup. The lineup is able, in the first matches, to give the Reds a chance to win.
● Manchester City’ squad is not as strong as Liverpool FC, but it is able in the long run to win gold medals.
For the main rival, the situation may be similar. The fight for a position in the top 4 of the English football league is already becoming more and more tense.
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Latest Results of Football Matches
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