Will Pochettino keep his job if Spurs don’t reach the Champions League?

The Spurs have been in the Champions league for almost a decade now. They have won the tournament a number of times, but they have not managed to win the main trophy of the club. This is the main reason why they are not considered as a contender for the title.
The team has been in a bad way for a long time. The previous season, they lost to Liverpool in the play-off round. This was a real blow to the club, as it was the first time that a team from the capital of England has failed to win a major trophy.
In the summer, Pochettinos’ team was strengthened by the acquisition of the young players, which has already managed to improve the results of the team. However, the main problem of the Spurs is that they don’t have a good coach.
This is why many experts believe that the team will not be able to win gold medals again. The main reason for this is the fact that the coach is not able to motivate his players.

The previous season was a failure for the Spurs, so it is clear that the club needs to change the coach. The Spurs have a number one candidate for the job, but it is not the one who was the head coach of the Londoners.
If Pochettinho stays, then the team can be considered as one of the favorites of the tournament.
Will Pochetinos” team be able not to win another gold medals?
The Tottenham team has a number 1 contender for a new coach. This candidate is the one from the previous season. He is the head of the Tottenham Hotspurs, Mauricio Pochettinho.
It is worth noting that Pochettini is a coach who has won many trophies. He has managed to get the team to the play off round, where they lost. This shows that the Spurs have not yet reached the level of the main favorites of this tournament. The team has not been in such bad shape for a while, so the coach has time to find the right way to motivate the team and get the results.
There are also rumors that the Tottenham team will make a change in the head coaching position. This will be a good opportunity to make changes in the lineup, which will be very useful for the team in the long run.
Who is the candidate for a position of the head coaches of the teams from the top 4?
In order to find out who is the coach of Tottenham Hotspur, it is worth to look at the list of candidates. The list includes:
* Pochetti;
* Andre Villas-Boas;

* Josep Guardiola;

These coaches have already won the Champions tournament, so they are considered as the main contenders for the position of head coach. If the Spurs don”t get a new head coach, then they will have to find a new goalkeeper.
What are the main problems of the current Tottenham Hotspot?
There is no doubt that the current Spurs are in a very bad shape. The club has been losing points for a number years now. This has led to the fact, that many experts consider the Spurs as one the main losers of the Champions club tournament. This season, the team has already lost to Chelsea in the first round.
However, the Spurs are not the only team that is in such a bad shape, as the London club is facing a number problems. The Tottenham Hotspere has a lot of problems with its lineup. This can be seen in the fact the team is not in the best shape.
Many experts believe, that the main cause of the problems of Pochetins’ squad is the lack of motivation. The coach doesn’ t have a clear strategy for the game, so he doesn” t have the right to make tactical changes.
Also, many Spurs players are injured. This causes the team not to be able play at the maximum level.
Pochettino’s team is in a really bad shape and needs to do something about it. The problem is that the head is not well-equipped to solve it.
Is Pochettins” squad capable of winning the Champions cup again?
If the Spurs manage to get a coach, who can motivate his team, then it is possible that they can win the Champions Cup again. This coach should be able, not only to motivate, but also to get results. The current Tottenham team is a real mess, so there is no chance for them to get into the top four.
All the Spurs players have to do is to get motivated and play well. This should be possible, because the Spurs haven’T won the main cup of England for a very long time, so their fans expect results. In order to achieve this, the coach should find the best way to get his players motivated.
How can Pochettinia’ coach get results?
It will be really difficult for Pochettina to get motivation for the current season. The head coach doesn’t have a proper strategy for his team. He doesn‘t have the necessary players for the defense, and he doesn’t know how to use the attacking players. The players are not motivated, and they don’t want to play.
For this reason, Pochetino will have a hard time getting results.

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