Calhanoglu: I was obsessed with Messi when I played FIFA as him as a kid

By Football Italia staff
“It’s difficult to find a player who is more important for the team than Messi.”
‘It” is the term used by the Argentinean to explain the fact that he is the main star of the team, and he’ll always be the main one.
The player himself doesn’t understand why this is so, but he knows that the club has to do everything to win the Scudetto.
”I was obsessed when I was a kid,” he says.
He remembers the first time he saw Messi play.
It was in the 90th minute of the match between the teams of the Primera, and the Argentine forward was the best player of the Old Signora.
In the 90 minutes he scored three goals, and it was clear that he was the main player of his team.
That was the beginning of the legend of Messi, who is now one of the most famous football players of the world.

’It‘ is obvious that he‘ll become one of those stars who will be able to influence the lives of millions of fans around the world, because he”s the best in the world at his position.
However, the player doesn”t want to leave the club, and wants to win another Scudeto.
This is what he“s working on, and we”ll see how he‚ll do it.
A few months ago, he was already the top scorer of the Argentine Primera.
Now he‡s the second in the list, but this time it‚s not the first.
For Messi, the Scudo is a source of great satisfaction, and this is why he„s always ready to do his best.
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The latest news from the world of football
The season of the Champions league is in full swing, and now the attention of fans is focused on the fight for the title.
Of course, there are some teams that have already won the trophy, but the fight is still very intense, and many teams are still far from the finish line.
One of the main contenders for the victory is Barcelona, which has already won three titles in a row.
After the victory in the Champions trophy, the Catalans are in a good shape, as the team has already managed to win La Liga and the Copa del Rey.
Moreover, the team is in a position to fight for a place in the European Cup zone.
Barcelona has a good lineup, which allows it to play in the most prestigious club tournament of the continent.
But it” s also important to note that the team”ve got a lot of young players, who are ready to take part in the fight.

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