Manchester United vs Valencia CF tactical preview

The start of the new season of the English Premier League is in full swing, and the competition is very intense. This is reflected in the fact that the teams are constantly changing their line-ups.
At the moment, the main contenders for the title are Manchester United and Liverpool. The Red Devils have strengthened the attack with the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo, while the club’s main rival, Manchester City, has also managed to strengthen its lineup.
The Citizens have been strengthened by the acquisition of Yaya Toure, who is expected to be able to help the team in the attack. However, the Portuguese has not yet been able to demonstrate his maximum, and it is unlikely that he will be able do so in the current season.
Moreover, the team has also strengthened its defense. The club has signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who will be the main goalkeeper for the team. The Swede has already managed to impress the team’s fans with his game, and he will definitely help the club in the long run.

The same applies to the defense, which has been strengthened with the acquisition, among others, of Naby Keïta. The Brazilian goalkeeper has already distinguished himself in the Premier League, and his performance has been very impressive.
In addition to the above, the club has also signed Yarmolenko from Dynamo, which will be a good addition to its lineup, as well as the acquisition this summer of James Rodriguez from Barcelona.
It is worth noting that the team is also expected to strengthen the midfield, which is one of the main weaknesses of the Citizens. The main candidate for the position of the team’s main player is Harry Maguire, who has already impressed the club’ fans with the way he plays.
However, the English league is not the only one that is developing rapidly. The Spanish La Liga is also becoming more and more competitive, and this is reflected by the fact the teams have a lot of interesting players in their lineups. Among the most interesting transfers, we can note the following:
* Zlatane Hadergjonaj;
* Alvaro Morata;

* Sergio Busquets.
All of them are expected to help their teams in the fight for the champion title.
Also, the transfer of Alexis Sanchez from Manchester United to the club from the Chilean capital is a good example of the progress of the club. The player has already become a key player of the Mancunians, and now he is expected not only to help his team in attacking situations, but also to provide the necessary support to the team leaders.
This transfer will help the Meringues to get closer to the leaders of the championship, and they will be very active in the transfer market in the near future.
La Liga table of the teams
The new season in the Spanish championship has already begun, and already the first rounds have shown that the fight is on for the victory. The teams are very active, and there are several interesting transfers that will help them to achieve their goals.
One of the most important transfers is the one of Alexis Sánchez from Manchester City to the Málaga team. Sanchez is a player of a very high class, and at the moment he is one the main players of the Spanish capital.
He is a very dynamic player, who can make the difference in the game of the opponent. The Meringue have already signed him, and although the transfer is not yet completed, the Mers have already managed a lot in the field.
They have already started to play with the new players, and their first matches have already shown that they are very confident in the face of the opponents.
Another transfer that has already helped the Maces is the acquisition by the club of Sergio Busquet. Busquet is a goalkeeper who is able to provide a good support to his team’s attack.
Now the Makers are very close to the title, and if they can win it, they will have a chance to win the champion’ title for the next season. The team has a good lineup, and its main players are:
1. Busquet;
2. Sergio Busques;
3. David Silva;
4. Sánches.
These are the main leaders of La Liga, and these are the players who can help the Citizens in the upcoming season. In addition to these, the Citizens have also signed:
• Alexis Sanchez;
• Alvarinho;
1 goalkeeper, who, together with Busquet, will be an excellent addition to their lineup. The goalkeeper is able not only in the defense but also in the attacking line.
As for the Menceu, the coach has already started his work, and we will see how the team will perform in the new year.
Manchester United table of La liga
The season of Manchester United has already ended, and so far the team looks very confident. The players have already made a lot, and many of them have already become the main stars of the Old Trafford.

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